The Yorkist kings - Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III - ruled England during the fifteenth century. Their reigns are best known for the Wars of the Roses, as rival factions competed for the throne. For long periods, however, there were no battles, and people were free to cultivate the arts of peace.

The gallery includes a selection of photographs by Rae Tan, featuring places that all have strong connections with the Yorkist era. It ranges from the south of England to the Scottish border, also encompassing relevant sites in Belgium, France and Wales. The images are intended to reflect the drama and diversity of the Yorkist period, whilst also bearing witness to Rae's personal engagement with the historic landscape.

David Santiuste uses the photographs in the gallery as starting points for brief discussions of each of the chosen sites, drawing out the stories of the people who knew them. He also provides an introductory history of the Yorkist realm, with an emphasis on the politics and key personalities. Please follow the menu on the left to discover more.