The Beaufort Companye
A website devoted to the activities of a well-established group of re-enactors. This is also a good source of information about the role of the Beaufort family during the Wars of the Roses
British History Online
An useful resource: provides online access to primary sources and a wide range of other materials.
England's Immigrants 1330-1550
An AHRC funded project which is investigating the experiences of England's immigrants during the later Middle Ages. Due to the nature of the surviving evidence there is a particular emphasis on the fifteenth century.
First Impressions
A University of Manchester Library project, providing an excellent source of information about early printing.
The Heritage Traveller
A blog by David Ross, editor of
The History Behind the Game of Thrones
A lively website/blog which explores the connections between the Wars of the Roses and the work of fantasy writer George R.R. Martin.
The History Herald
A wide-ranging history website, including news, features and reviews
History Refreshed
Website/blog of novelist and historian Susan Higginbotham
The Lance and Longbow Society
A society that aims to promote interest in medieval military history, with an emphasis (though not exclusively so) on wargaming.
The Legendary 10 Seconds
Contemporary folk music inspired by the life and times of Richard III. A percentage of any proceeds will be donated to SAUK, a charity which offers support to people with scoliosis.
Looking at Buildings
An introduction to English architecture (including the architecture of the medieval period), created by Pevsner Architectural Guides.
Making History
A website created by the Institute of Historical Research, devoted to the practice of researching and writing history in the UK. It includes interviews with a number of prominent medieval historians, including Professor Ralph Griffiths.
Medieval Histories
A wide-ranging online magazine, including news, features and reviews
The Monumental Brass Society
An organisation devoted to the study and appreciation of monumental brasses. The website features numerous images of English brasses from the Yorkist period, including monuments to people associated with the Pastons.
A Nevill Feast
A blog devoted to the history of the Neville (or Nevill) family, written by novelist Karen Clark.
Dr Sarah Peverley: Lost in the Fifteenth Century
The website of Dr Sarah Peverley, an expert in fifteenth-century literary culture: includes an interesting blog and an excellent selection of images from medieval manuscripts.
The Wars of the Roses on Radio 4
A good discussion about the Wars of the Roses, first broadcast in 2000, from BBC Radio's In Our Time. Guests include Dr Helen Castor, Dr Steven Gunn and Professor Colin Richmond.
Richard III: Rumour and Reality
A superb website which explores the connections between Richard III and the North of England. The creators are graduate students working with the Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past at the University of York.